Story Links – working with parents

How is Story Links different from Therapeutic Storywriting Groups?

Story Links session in action

Story Links grew out of the Therapeutic Storywriting Groups model and was also developed by Dr Trisha Waters.

While Therapeutic Storywriting Groups are a wave 2 intervention working with groups of 6 pupils  and focus on developing emotional literacy and writing skills, Story Links is wave 3 intervention working with individual pupils and their parents, and focuses on developing emotional literacy and reading skills.

The dissemination of the Story Links model has been supported by the South-East Region Special Educational Needs Partnership (SERSEN), the Esmee Fairbairn foundation, the University of Chichester and the Training and Development agency for schools (TDA).

Note: Wave 1= Quality education of all (whole class); Wave 2= Small group; Wave 3= individual work (UK Primary National Strategy, 2003).

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