Story Openers

Note on Story Openers

It is best to make up your own openers but below are some examples if you’re really stuck.

Openers using animal characters

Henry/Henrietta hedgehog peered out from behind the bush. He/she felt worried.

George/Georgina the  giraffe peered through the trees. He/she felt confused.

Robert/Roberta the rabbit peeped out of the burrow. He/she was feeling nervous.

Cornelia/Colin the crab scuttled behind the rock. She/He was feeling upset.

Barry/Bertha the bison was sat on a log. He/She was furious.

Leonora/Lenny the leopard paced through the jungle. She/He was so angry.

Chris/Christina the crocodile wallowed he the mud. He/She was feeling grumpy.

Olivia/Olly the oyster clung to the rock. She/He was feeling sad.

Bessie the butterfly flitted from flower to flower. She  was feeling lonely.

Sydney the seahorse nestled in the seaweed. He was feeling shy.

Smokey the dragon walked slowly through the forest. He felt different to all the other little dragons.

Story openers set in fantasy

Dino/Dina the dragon lay outside the entrance to his/her cave. Never before had he felt so lonely.drawing 0f Dino the Dragon

Prince Percy/Princess Priscilla lived in a magnificent castle with everything he/she could wish for  but still he/she felt sad.

Eric/Erin the elf went into his/her workshop very early one winter’s morning. He/she was worried .

Prince Cuthbert/Princess Catherine  stormed out of the dining hall. He/she was furious.


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