Outline of training

This page provides an outline of the 3-day training in Setting Up Therapeutic Storywriting Groups.

The 3-day training combines theory and experiential work. Participants are expected to set up a Therapeutic Storywriting group in their school after Day 1 and bring stories and experiences to work with on Days 2 & 3 of the training.

Day 1

  • Introduction to Therapeutic Storywriting
  • The significance of story metaphor
  • Interpretation within the metaphor
  • Setting up a Therapeutic Storywriting group
  • Pupil self-evaluation
  • The teacher’s story
  • Ways into story

Day 2

  • Feelings ladder
  • Characters as a projection of subpersonalities
  • Containment of anxiety for thinking to take place
  • Receiving the child’s story
  • Leading the mindfulness tuning
  • Active listening and reflection of children’s stories
  • Discussion of points arising from teachers’ groups

Day 3

  • Identifying emerging themes
  • Written emotional literacy comments
  • Preparing to end the group
  • Pupil post-evaluation
  • Assessment and referring on
  • Setting stories in fantasy or external reality
  • Structure of a therapeutic story
  • Discussion of points arising from teachers’ groups



Groups run weekly and have a maximum of 6 children.  The groups are described to parents and pupils as an opportunity to explore different feelings through story characters.  Teachers decide on the name of the group for the pupils. Each session lasts about 1 hour and includes:

  • Feelings check-in (ten minutes)
  • Review of previous week’s stories
  • Suggestion for new story theme
  • 15 min when children and teacher both write stories
  • Time to share stories and draw pictures
  • A listening game to finish


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