Liaison with professionals and parents

Liaison with school professionals

Before setting up Therapeutic Storywriting sessions, the senior management and ideally the whole staff, should have some familiarity with the basic principles of the approach. This can be achieved with a short presentation at a staff meeting or INSET. We suggest the video on the home page is shown and the document Information for schools about TSW Groups is given out to staff professionals.

Classteachers can then be invited to give the names of any pupils in their class who they think would benefit from the intervention.

Once the group has been selected, the SENCO should be asked for an overview of the child’s particular issues. SEN records should be read before starting work with a child. It is important to also establish a close working relationship with classteachers and teaching assistants supporting the pupils and ensure any significant information concerning the child  that arises between sessions is communicated.

Liaison with parents

Parents should be informed of the general principles of Therapeutic Storywriting, the reason for including their child discussed and their permission sought before a child attends a group or individual session. The groups are described to parents and pupils as an opportunity to explore different feelings through story characters. In explaining the group to parents  it can be referred to as an emotional literacy writing group where feelings are explored through story characters.

Sample letter to parents

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Therapeutic Story Writing book coverTherapeutic Storywriting – A Practical Guide to Developing Emotional Literacy.

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