Initial meeting with pupils

The initial individual meeting with pupils is the first step in providing emotional containment.

On the first week of the course  each pupil is met individually  by the teacher who goes through the self-evaluation form with the pupil.

This session is  important in that it allows the pupil and teacher to establish a relationship and also to prepares the pupils for the beginning of the group sessions.

It is best to meet in the same room and at the same time when the main sessions will take place. This helps pupils prepare for the beginning of the group.

The teacher should describe the outline of a session and also  engage the ‘will’ of the pupil by asking  if they would like to be part of the group. If the answer is affirmative (and it usually is!) then the teacher completes the pupil self-evalaution form with the pupil.

This form should be filled in by the teacher in consultation with the pupil and completion takes 10 -15 minutes.

Pupil pre-evaluation form

Naming the group

Thought needs to be given to naming the group for children. This can be given either by the teacher or the pupils in the first session. A title such as  Rainbow Storywriting  reflects that we write about all sorts of things or it can be something as simple as the Special Storywriting Group.

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Therapeutic Story Writing book coverTherapeutic Storywriting – A Practical Guide to Developing Emotional Literacy.

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