Mindfulness tuning

Text for Mindfulness Tuning

The Mindfulness Tuning is  used at the beginning of a Therapeutic Storywriting Group to centre the children and help them settle before engaging with the educational task of writing:

(Bell) Listen to the sound of the bell and notice when the sound has completely died away. Notice sounds in the room and sounds outside the room. Now we are going to see how our body feels. Be aware of your body supported by the chair. And now take your awareness to your feet. Wiggle your toes in your shoes and notice how they feel. Are they hot or cold? Is there any tingling in your feet? Does one foot feel different to the other? Now we our going to journey up inside our body to see how it feels. So moving up through the ankles to the lower leg. Notice how the muscles of your lower leg, the calf muscles, feel. Are they relaxed or tense? Is there any tingling on the surface of the skin? Now moving up to the knees. The knees that do so much moving as we walk around. Notice how they feel. And then up to the upper leg… (then move to hips, tummy, chest area, lower back, upper back, shoulders, down the arms to the hands, neck, jaw, face , eyes, scalp).

And now still keeping your eyes closed I invite you to take your awareness away from your body and recall the emotions you have experienced today. Remember how you felt when you woke up this morning, what was said, what was done, how did these things make you feel? See if you can find a word to describe how you felt. And now recall your journey to school, what you heard, what you saw, how did you feel on your way to school... (continue through the day to the present point in time).

When I ring my bells I would like you to choose 2 feeling words that best describe how you have felt today and write them down in big letters on the slips of paper in front of you. (Bell)

Adaption for younger pupils or those with shorter concentration span

If you find the above exercise is too long for your pupils it can easily be shortened to suit. Try to include the key points of feeling feet, hips on the chair,  the rise and fall of the belly and the muscles around the eyes. You can also ask them for just one feeling word to describe the emotions they have experienced so far.

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